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Welcome to the

Tarpon Springs Aquarium!

Come hold, pet, and feed our amazing animals in this hands-on experience. The Tarpon Springs Aquarium is the best attraction to truly interact with wildlife. We have been family owned and operated since 1990. Let our family introduce yours to the wild side!

  • Thrilling Shows

  • Feed Sharks, Gators, Tarpon, Rays & Turtles

  • Hold a Snake and Gator

  • Pet Sharks, Rays & more

Come Explore!

Our Family

The Tarpon Springs Aquarium has been family owned and operated since 1990. Currently, the aquarium is run by me, Grant Konger along with my Dad, Scott Konger, and my sister, Paige Konger-Henry. My Uncle, Jeffrey Konger, and my austistic younger brother, James Konger, also help out routinely. Come meet us!


The Family (Left to Right): Jeffrey Konger, Scott Konger, Grant Konger, Paige Konger-Henry, James Konger

Our Partners and Supporters

We are proud members of the Tarpon Springs and surrounding Tampa Bay community! Check out our partners and supporters. To become a supporter, reach out to us at or call at (727) 938-5378.

Blue Green Connections Logo.jpg

Blue-Green Connections is a Dunedin-based nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together individuals, government entities, and businesses to help bring about a sustainable future. They successfully nominated the Florida Gulf Coast HOPE Spot in 2019. They also partnered with the many organizations to save the Gladys-Douglas Preserve in 2021. Click the logo to find more


Tarpon Springs Women's Club is a nonprofit service organization dedicated to improving our local communities through educational and charitable endeavors with a special focus on the concerns of women. They have symbolically adopted Pebble the Aldabra Tortoise as of 2020 and continue to show their support.


Sprouts Farmer's Market Palm Harbor generously donates produce and other perishables to help aid us in feeding our animals! They specialize in organic, natural, gluten free, and natural foods.


Keystone Farmer's Market generously donates produce and other perishables to help aid us in feeding our animals! They offer a unique and local shopping experience.


Paige's Planet is our educational outreach arm! Paige combines science, preservation, learning, and fun to help us further reach out into the community! For more on Paige's Planet, click the logo to the left.

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