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Bring the Excitement to You!

Introduce your students, guests, or clients to the wildlife of Florida. Watch as the excitement builds when an alligator or other critter is brought into the room.

You will meet one of our knowledgeable and entertaining experts from the Tarpon Springs Aquarium. They will share their knowledge and stories about their encounters with some of the most feared predators. Get ready for your up-close encounter!

Paige's Planet

Our off-property events are handled by one of the owners of the Tarpon Springs Aquarium, Paige! She runs Paige's Planet which offers a variety of educational and thrilling experiences that come to you.

This May Include:

  • Animal Encounters with an American Alligator, Python, and more!

  • 45-90 minute Hand's-on Educational Workshops

  • Variety of different programs for different ages

See Paige's catalog of experiences at her website:

Paige's Planet logo
Paige holding a cute alligator for kids at a school visit.

For Availability and Rates:

Call Paige at (727) 742-0173 or email at

Paige showing a group of kids a python from the Tarpon Springs Aquarium.
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