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Do you have an interest in animals? Do you want to help support our community? Do you like working with and educating others? A volunteer position at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium may just be what you have been looking for. No experience required.

Why Volunteer


Volunteering provides many benefits and opportunities to those who choose to give some of their time and talents. For some, it is an opportunity to socialize and stay active in the community. For others, it helps build useful new skills and experience. And for some, it provides community service hours for school or work. For all, it provides access to nature that most will never be able to enjoy. Regardless the reason, volunteering at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium will be an exciting adventure, giving you the chance to become an advocate of wildlife.

  • Age 12 or above

  • An interest in marine science

  • Willingness to be positive and learn

  • Ability to communicate comfortably with customers

  • Also realize that agreeing to volunteer is a commitment. We depend on attendance and communication from our volunteers.

How to Sign Up

What Will You Do?

From aiding in the handling of animals to educating others to general maintenance and more, the Tarpon Springs Aquarium has volunteer opportunities to meet your interests and needs. Generally, volunteers will:

  • Assist in the overall needs of customers

  • Educate aquarium guests through interaction with animals

  • Assist customers in the feeding and touching of certain marine life

  • Aid employees in improving the cleanliness of the aquarium

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer should come to the aquarium any day the aquarium is open around 4:45 PM for a brief interview and to submit an application. Print out the application below. Copies may be available, but are in limited supply. Also you MUST read the volunteer policies document and watch the orientation video before your first day of volunteering. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please email.

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