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Homeschool Mornings

Animals + Education =

Join us for Homeschool Mornings and explore a new topic each month! Homeschool Mornings take place on the first Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each month from 8:30am to 9:30am. Wednesdays feature an advanced class for grades 6th-8th. Thursdays and Fridays offer a K-5th level class, with the same content available on both days, so you only need to attend one session.

The cost is $15 per person (adults and children) and includes a day pass for the rest of the day. Annual Pass members enjoy unlimited free entry to homeschool classes! Click below to become an Annual Pass member today.


What are we learning today?

Each months class has a different topic. See the chart to see what the focus of the class is. Paige, or one of our other wonderful education specialists, will involve you with creative and hands-on animal experiences! These workshops are specifically designed to correspond with the Florida State educational standards. 

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What about younger/ older siblings?

We target grades 6th-8th for our Wednesday classes and grades K-5th for our Thursday/Friday classes. Younger/Older siblings are welcome to join the adventure. They must also pay the $15 entry fee unless they are annual pass members. 

What should I bring?

Wear clothes that will be comfortable outside, as these classes will be held outdoors. We encourage close-toed shoes, hats, and sunglasses on sunny days. We encourage you to bring a notebook and writing utensil if you wish to take notes. Also bring a smile!

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